Monday, June 18, 2012

WEEK IN SNAPSHOTS: Goat Cheese, Presents & Cat Dads

This past week/weekend consisted of eating goat cheese on my scrambles eggs every day, hitting the one month mark of Insanity (Heisman is my favorite move as you can see), continuing my summer salad obsession with a tomato and beet salad, receiving my first Birch Box (a birthday present from my amazing friend Kristin) and of course celebrating Cat Dad day with brunch at our local favorite - Sweet Melissa. Hope yours was a good one too! P.S. If someone not as HTML illiterate as me can tell me how to get these little pics next to each other that would be great because I can't seem to figure it out. Titled head confused dog look happening right now.


  1. how amazing were the breakfast potatoes from sweet mels? also, thats the porch that sparked the "im so sick of patios" rant from tim :) haha

  2. 1) Yes they are amazing
    2) We were actually in the window seat overlooking the "patio"
    3) I can see why that patio would make Tim so angry that he holds it against all patios