Sunday, September 16, 2012

WEEKEND RECAP: The Eisenstat Family Fall Festival

It's my FAVORITE time of year. Good bye and good riddance shorts and swimsuits, hello my lovely layers,cozy sweaters and boots! I love everything about fall. The weather, the clothes, the flavors. When it arrives, I celebrate and savor every moment of it. Unintentionally we sort of had our own little fall festival this weekend. Events were as follows:

1) Dark nail polish is back! :) OPI's Suzy Says Da is one of my fave dark burgundys
2) We bought a fire pit
3) We made homemade spiced cider
4) We drank said cider around the fire pit with friends and roasted s'mores
5)  I wore BOOTS!
6) Charlie made a pumpkin mac and cheese recipe I pinned because I had a headache and he's the best
7) Charlie has a little scruffy beard - this happened a few weeks ago but I love it and its so fall



  1. how did you make the cider? sounds delish. i wish it wasn't still 75 here so i could sport some boots too!!!