Thursday, August 16, 2012

TRAVELS: Chicago Part 3

On our last day we had a really nice day walking around downtown and even grabbed a drink and snack at the top of the John Hancock Center. Then we closed out the trip with the main purpose of the trip - going to the Coldplay concert, yay! I surprised Charlie with these tickets for Christmas so this date was about 8 months in the making! Oh yea and on our way out of town we got coffee at Ipsento. Their signature latte is made with coconut milk, local honey and cayenne pepper. It's so amazing it's not even funny. There nutella latte is also one of my top faves! Then after getting coffee we just had to grab a box of doughnuts from Glazed & Infused. I mean creme brulee and maple bacon? Perfect treat to bring back for our catsitters, the Fergusons.

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